Boat Storage

Dry Boat Storage

Vessels are lifted to and from the water using a specially designed marine forklift capable of lifting vessels up to 6 tonne. Leases range in price from $500 per month up to $700 per month depending upon vessel size.

We require a minimum of one hour’s notice to launch your vessel between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm. If you wish to use your vessel before 8.30am we will launch your vessel the previous day and tie it up in the water in a designated area.

All your lifts in and out of the water and fresh water engine flushing are included in the price. Washing your boat is an extra service we provide although we do hose the hull before putting it away.

Please note: Pen rent and rack rent fees are payable on a monthly only basis.

Wet Pens

Aquarama Marina can pen vessels up to 25 metres in length.

Security gates protect the entrance to all jetties.

Pen fees include all power and water; ropes are the pen holder’s responsibility.