29 October 2018

At Aquarama Marina we pride ourselves on being a fully faceted marina with all you need for your boat within our complex!
Here’s a reminder of the companies and services that operate here;

Dry Boat Storage – (08) 9339 5666
Vessels are lifted to and from the water using a specially designed marine forklift capable of lifting vessels up to 6 tonne. Lease prices start from $450 per month depending upon vessel size.

Wet Pens – (08) 9339 5666
Aquarama Marina can pen vessels up to 25 metres in length.

Security gates protect the entrance to all jetties.

Pen fees include all power and water.

Aquarama Slipways – (08) 9339 7414
Aquarama Slipways provides boat slipping facilities. They will carry out anti-fouling, repairs in either fibreglass or timber, along with spray painting (all types), polishing and insurance work.

Eat Greek Restaurant – (08) 9339 8022
Eat Greek Restaurant has a fresh take on a Greek Feast style restaurant. For Greek style this location is just perfect. Overlooking the river, the restaurant is tastefully decorated with a blue and white theme, with real linen tablecloths and featuring floor to ceiling windows allowing in plenty of natural light.

Matich Marine Mechanics – (08) 9339 7722
Authorised sales and service for Mercruiser and Quiksilver parts and accessories.

R Marine Boat Sales – (08) 9339 8877
Visit R Marine Perth for any boat sales.

The Boatmen – (08) 9319 8877
The Boatmen are a complete boat maintenance and detailing company.

24 Hour Fuel – 9339 5666
With Aquarama’s 24-hour, state-of-the-art, fuel system you can refuel your boat any time, 7 days a week, and choose a time when there is little or no river traffic – on your way home from work, or early in the morning when there is no wind, and be ready for the on-coming weekend.

Mooring Lines – (08) 9339 5666
The Forsheda is a patented rubber device through which you thread your mooring lines. As your boat takes up the slack on a mooring or pen line, the Forsheda stretches and stops the snatching of the line against the boat and jetty. Ropes then splice to suit your boat and pen and allowing for the tide changes.