We supply Ampol Premium Fuels at our public 24 hour fuel jetty!

Vortex Premium Diesel is a high performance diesel designed to meet increasing demands of new diesel engines. Its unique, advanced formulation keeps hard-working engines healthier for longer.
In addition its powerful cleaning agent and rust inhibitor, Vortex Premium Diesel also features a specially added foam inhibitor to provide a cleaner and faster fill.

Ampol’s unique advanced additives in Vortex Premium Diesel restore and maintain fuel injector cleanliness. Through regular use it can protect your engine and provide up to 100% power restoration.

Vortex Premium 95 is a Premium Unleaded Petrol of 95 octane rating that is added with Ampol’s unique advanced additive formulation. It contains a cleaning agent, friction reducer, and rust inhibitor, specifically designed to improve and maintain performance.

With its advanced additive formulation, Vortex 95 cleans and protects your engine as you drive, helping it to perform at its best. It is suitable for use in all engines designed to run on unleaded petrol.


Avoid the rush hour!

With Aquarama’s 24-hour, state-of-the-art, fuel system you can refuel your boat any time, 7 days a week, and choose a time when there is little or no river traffic – on your way home from work, or early in the morning when there is no wind, and be ready for the on-coming weekend.

If you require assistance the first time you use the system, then call into Aquarama Marina between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm and one of the Aquarama staff will go through the system operation with you.

Ezy Serve . . . Ezy to use!

24 hour Ezy Serve

structions for use:

  • NO SMOKING – Make sure engines are OFF.
  • Remove vessels fuel cap/s before using 24hr Ezy Serve machine.
  • DO NOT lift nozzle from pump until instructed to do so by Ezy Serve.
  • Swipe card into Ezy Serve as illustrated.
  • Follow prompts on screen using key pads.
  • Select fuel type by entering Pump Number (located on side of each Pump).
  • To finish, simply hang up nozzle. Your account gets charged automatically.
  • If you would like a receipt, swipe your card again in Ezy Serve and press ‘OK’

Aquarama staff are more than happy to show you how to use this Ezy Serve.
Please phone 9339-5666 between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm 7 days per week for assistance.

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