Aquarama 24h Fuel Jetty

13 February 2017
Aquarama 24h Fuel Jetty

Our easy serve fuel jetty is open to the public 24 hours a day. All you need is your credit or debit card and away you go!

Dock bumpers, tie up ropes and fresh water are supplied for your convenience.

If you require assistance or it’s your first time using the system just call us on 9339 5666 or drop in between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm 7 days and one of the Aquarama staff will be happy to go through the system operation with you.

Instructions for use:

  • NO SMOKING – Make sure engines are OFF.
  • Remove vessels fuel cap/s before using 24hr Ezy Serve machine.
  • DO NOT lift nozzle from pump until instructed to do so by Ezy Serve.
  • Swipe card into Ezy Serve as illustrated.
  • Follow prompts on screen using key pads.
  • Select fuel type by entering Pump Number (located on side of each Pump).
  • To finish, simply hang up nozzle. Your account gets charged automatically.
  • If you would like a receipt, swipe your card again in Ezy Serve and press ‘OK’

Things you should know:

  • PIN numbers are required for all cards.
  • 24Hr Ezy-Serve has a safety cut out if not used within 60 seconds of activating the pump.
  • You will have to start again if you take longer than 60 seconds to swap to another tank/pump fuel.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you pre-set a higher $ amount than you actually take, your bank will charge the full amount to your card then credit back the difference to you over the next 24 to 48hrs

Trouble Shooting:

If Ezy Serve says “Pump Unavailable” or “Pump in use”:

  • Make sure nozzle is not lifted off the pump until Ezy Serve says too.
  • Check Display on pump, If “OFF” or “ERROR” press RED Emergency Stop button at the left of Ezy Serve machine, wait 20 sec, then twist to reset.
  • Wait for pump display to show $ ‘0’ & Litres ‘0’ and try again.
  • Any other problems, please call Help Line or speak to Aquarama staff on Phone 9339 5666.

Credit Card Limits:

  • $999 is the maximum amount available “per transaction” for these bowsers.
  • Multiple transactions can be done by hanging up the nozzle and repeating the procedure.
  • Card limits no longer apply – just don’t go over $999.