Aquarama Marina is extremely passionate about working with DPAW (Department of Parks and Wildlife) to maintain a healthy waterway for generations to come. We endeavor to abide by all rules and regulations set out by Government Departments in Australia which directly affect the marina and it’s day to day operations.

Our Slipway conforms to waste water discharge management entering the Swan River and is under continual surveillance to ensure the cleanliness of the discharged water. We and DPAW are working together to ensure a healthy river system.

Pollution Risks for Aquarama Marina and it’s clients:

  • Hydrocarbon spills.
  • Pollution from bilge water.
  • Pollution from storm water run off.
  • Pollution from boat maintenance and slipways.
  • Pollution due to cleaning of vessels in penned areas.
  • Contamination of environment from antifouling.
  • Noise pollution causing nuisance or endangering.
  • Contamination of river from fertilisers/pesticides/green waste and erosion.
  • Dust generation from maintenance of vessels.
  • Contamination of environment from stored hazardous goods.

A comprehensive print out of our Environmental Management System and Emergency Response Plan with strategy options and risk summary tables is available in the marina office 7 days a week. We recommend clients and trades people read it at least annually to stay familiar.


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