After over 3 decades of service, Aquarama Marina has decided to retire our beloved marine forklift and upgrade to a purpose built Wiggins Marina Bull!

The Marina Bull is Built in The United States and will allow us to lift up to 6 tonne when previously we could only lift 4!



With the lowest center of gravity and the highest tip factor in the industry, Wiggins has set the standard for safety and handling.








Enhanced Visibility

The low profile, high density counterweight increases rearward visibility while maintaining lift capacity,increasing customer and employee safety and protects property and boats from damage.





Easy Service Access

The innovative clamshell design of the operator console and engine compartment allows easy access at eye level to the entire power train when servicing is needed.









Operator Comfort

The operator console and an AirRide seat significantly improve operator convenience and comfort.









Service Charges are listed below:

Vessel < 28ft Out & Back In: $160

Vessel > 28ft Out and back in: $220

Vessel < 28ft Out, Work Rack & In: $220

Vessel > 28ft Out, Work Rack & In: $320

Hardstanding: $25 First 7 Days- $35 to 30 Days then $50 p/day.

(Max 6 tonne lift and hold, max 5 tonne work rack)

*Prices current on 11/12/2017.

Call Aquarama Marina on 9339 5666 or 0417 940 001 to make a booking.


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